Keren Ye (叶可人)
Ph.D. Student
Department of Computer Science
University of Pittsburgh

TA Recitations

Fall 2015: CS1501 Algorithm Implementation
Sprint 2016: CS1501 Algorithm Implementation


To be added.

Courses' Projects

Project Description Authors Demo
Yelp Summerization To be updated. Keren Ye, Haoran Zhang, Mingda Zhang
miniGoogle MiniGoogle is a basic data-intensive application to index and search large documents. Users could retrieve documents relevant to simple search queries. Keren Ye, Xinyue Huang
SRPC SRPC is a simple implementation of the Remote Procedure Call. Users could use the excutable program to generate both the client-end api library and the server-end program. Small changes are required for implementing the actual application. Keren Ye, Xinyue Huang


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